Howl 'Boo' Rider
a freelance creator located in Seattle, WA.

Hi hello, I'm a self taught artist and story teller...
Who has somehow stumbled into the world of 2d videogame art?
And writting??

☆ @stopboorider on most platforms ☆
Email for work inquiries!

Professional Portfolio

While I've been doing art professionally since 2012, in the spring of 2019 I made the jump to working as a full time freelance artist.

Most of my work currently includes avatar fashion, item and icon assets, character portraits, and game art for Tattered World, an online fantasy pet/avatar community. I supplement this with my sketch-blog Patreon, commissions, and working on larger projects.

Full Portfolio
If you're interested in hiring me, I'm available for new projects!!

Casual Commissions

In my free time I end up drawing a lot of more casual art, mostly of my own original stories and characters. I also take on personal commissions, including icons, portraits, and outfit design.

Videogame Work

The Beanery Demo - 2019
A demo made with James Reiati.
Work on project includes all art assets, character
and play screen designs, and the story/dialogue writing.
Free Download on
[a controller is required, PC only.]

Glitchsweeper - 2018
A re-skin of an html5 Minesweeper game for Tattered World, to fit the aesthetic of the newly released scifi cyberpunk section of the website and include specific story related elements.
Playable on Tattered World.

Banana Bone Cafe

If you're Of Age where you live (at least 18+ for the US), feel free to gander through my Mature Content artwork. Occasionally I offer commissions, and plan to release a PDF sketch book collection soon of my previous work through the years.
Keep an eye on Twitter for announcements!!

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Shazz and Boo Lets Play

At the start of 2020, Shazzbaa and I decided to start an entire Youtube channel, where I play games and Shazz... helps! while watching over a stream.
Because we live on opposite sides of the country.

While the channel is in no way professional nor has it been running for very long, it's already become a major passion project of ours. I'm proud to show off our low visual quality, imbalanced audio, and filled with love Lets Play videos.

Patreon + Kofi

I run a weekly sketch blog on Patreon!
It helps keep me fed while I mess around with being freelance, and learn from my sure-to-be-many mistakes. Higher tiers let patrons put in suggestions for warm-up sketches and experimental work.

I also have a Ko-Fi page for single donations!